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Why Blue Iris is the best NVR!

If you have never heard of Blue Iris it is a network video recorder and security camera management software that give you so much control and “nerd knobs” you won’t know where to start. Some people get overwhelmed with Blue Iris and all the options you have, but if you stick with it you will be happy you did.

I’ve used several different NVRs over the years from barely consumer ready to enterprise. For less than $70, you get a great bang for your buck which is one of the top reasons I think Blue Iris is a great pick for home use and small to medium business. Blue Iris let’s you control up to 64 cameras with a single license! If you go with something like Synology Surveillance Station, while robust and easy to use, you’ll be paying for each additional camera you add to the system.

Here is another example of why I think Blue Iris is the best NVR. A good friend of mine who also happens to be an electrical engineer decided he wanted an easy way for his wife to activate and watch a baby monitor from the kitchen. What he did was setup a Raspberry Pi connected to a foot switch. When his wife would hit the switch, it would boot up the Pi and load up a camera in Blue Iris. The cool part other than the obvious is his use of a technology called MQTT that Blue Iris supports. Another example is let’s say you wanted a light to turn on when you pulled in the driveway but didn’t want to turn on geolocation on your phone. You could set up a motion zone in your driveway that sends an HTTP command to IFTTT that is connected to your Phillips Hue bulbs. The possibilities are endless!

If you haven’t gotten the point already, Blue Iris is a tinker toy. Pretty much if you can think it, you can probably get Blue Iris to do it. It supports FTP backups and Flash and Windows Media Streaming. One of the best things it supports though is its UI3 web interface for viewing and controlling cameras. Blue Iris has worked hard to make the interface smooth and easy to use. See the picture below of the UI3 interface:

Blue Iris UI3 Interface

In short, if you are looking for a great piece of software that it is supported and has regular updates, Blue Iris is the thing for you.

If you are interested in purchasing Blue Iris, click the button below to be brought directly to the Blue Iris secure checkout page.